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Virgo Accounts

Running Virgo Accounts within DOSBox

DOSBox is a DOS emulator that allows Virgo Accounts to run on a number of operating systems that will not normally run the program, including 64-bit editions of Windows, Linux and OS X. DOSBox can be downloaded at Follow the instructions provided to download and install DOSBox.

Before trying to run Virgo Accounts under DOSBox for the first time, please read the following instructions in their entirety.

To run Virgo Accounts, start DOSBox and then enter the following commands at the z:\ prompt:

mount c path-to-virgo
mount d path-to-desktop

where path-to-virgo and path-to-desktop depend on the operating system, file structure and location of Virgo Accounts (see below ‡).

These commands (except the final virgo95 †) may be entered in the [autoexec] section of the DOSBox configuration file (dosbox-0.74.conf if you are running version 0.74 of DOSBox) to save having to enter them each time you start DOSBox and Virgo Accounts. Note: the location of your configuration file depends on the operating system; in Windows 7, 8 and 10 it will probably be in something like c:\users\username\appdata\local\dosbox where username is your user name; under Linux is will probably be ~/.dosbox.

† If you enter the virgo95 command in the DOSBox configuration file you will not be able to use any of the diagnotic and repair functions should it ever be necessary.

‡ Under Linux, your mount commands will be something like:

mount c /home/username/virgo
mount d /home/username/Desktop

Under Windows XP, assuming you have Virgo Accounts installed in the dtm directory of your c drive, the commands will be something like:

mount c c:\dtm
mount d c:\docume~1\alluse~1\desktop

Under Windows 7, 8 and 10, assuming you have Virgo Accounts installed in the dtm directory of your c drive, they will be something like:

mount c c:\dtm
mount d c:\users\username\desktop

Virgo Accounts will start in the usual manner BUT due to a foible within DOSBox it will first inform you that the paperkey is invalid and needs to be installed again. Decline the invitation to re-enter the paperkey by pressing N, and then the spacebar. It will then take about 30 seconds before the Virgo Accounts menu is displayed. Unfortunately there is no known solution to this annoying little feature.

When running Virgo Accounts under DOSBox the most sensible print option is the print to web browser (WB) option (see the user manual section 1.4 - Printing Reports). Before printing anything for the first time you will need to change the desktop directory in Virgo Accounts. To do this run Set directories (user manual section 9.12) and amend Desktop to d:\.

Please note that whilst I will offer guidance where I can, I cannot provide support for DOSBox, although support is available through the online user forums.