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Virgo Accounts

Welcome to Virgo Accounts for solicitors

Virgo Accounts (formerly Kestrel Accounts for DOS) is a comprehensive, yet easy to use, low cost, single-user, legal accounting system. Although designed for small firms of solicitors in England and Wales, the system is also suitable for other professionals, and for lawyers in other jurisdictions; it was also originally designed to meet the requirements of Legal Aid franchising. Virgo Accounts has been sold to customers in Northern Ireland, Hong Kong and Sudan.

The software comprises client and office accounting, time recording, and comprehensive reporting and enquiries, as well as the facility to export details to spreadsheets, word processing or database packages.

Virgo Accounts is a character-based system that operates natively under DOS and most 16- and 32-bit versions of Windows. It will run on 64-bit editions of Windows – as well as other operating systems including Linux, macOS and Solaris – using DOSBox or a similar DOS emulator, or with MS-DOS or FreeDOS within a virtual machine such as Oracle’s VM VirtualBox. The software can also be installed on a bootable DOS USB drive. Please also be aware that Virgo Accounts does not directly support network printers or printers attached to a USB port, although several work-arounds are available as described in the user manual. Will there be a true Windows version?

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The system is supplied and supported under a “Gentle-person’s Agreement” to small firms of solicitors that have a social conscience and/or undertake an element of Legal Aid or pro bono work for the bargain price of only £199. Support is available for £220 per annum. At this price I cannot afford the time and expense of providing demo disks, which often sit unused in desk drawers in any case. However, I do offer a full money-back guarantee.

Irwin Associates provides a support and maintenance service for Virgo Accounts by telephone, post, or email, either by annual subscription or on a time-and-expenses basis. The annual service includes updates to the system as and when these are released.

The full User Manual and Getting Started Guide are also available on-line.

The system comprises:

  • Client & Matter Details: maintain client details, maintain matter details, client/matter enquiry, matter search, matter limits report, action date listing, detailed matter listing, close matter, opened/closed matters listing, matters with no transactions, matter progress report
  • Office Accounting: post disbursement item, post disbursement batch, write off disbursement, post disbursement receipt, post bill, post bill receipt, post bill credit, post office receipt, post office payment, cashbook transfer, journal transfer, transfer matter balances, nominal to disbursement transfer, post creditor invoice
  • Client Accounting: post client receipt, post client payment, client to office transfer, office to client transfer, client to client transfer, client account enquiry, post client Interest, client account reconciliation, maintain client interest rates, print all client ledger transactions, cashbook transfers
  • Time Recording: post time sheet, write off time, work-in-progress enquiry, work-in-progress analysis, remove detailed time, time recorded by fee earner, summarise detailed time
  • Enquiries: matter ledger enquiry, cashbook enquiry, unpaid bills enquiry, matter accounts enquiry, nominal account enquiry, transaction search, matter transactions enquiry, daily bank transactions
  • Reporting: draft bill, financial status report, VAT report, profit & loss account, balance sheet, trial balance, unbilled disbursements, exception report, bills analysis, matter balances analysis, bank reconciliation, average cost per case, matter balances listing, budget variance report, cash received analysis
  • System Maintenance: maintain parameters, maintain fee earners, maintain fee rate tables, maintain nominal accounts, maintain cashbooks, maintain activity codes, maintain standing orders
  • Miscellaneous Functions: print system parameters, consistency, day end processing, period end processing, year end processing, export details, print standing orders.

View a few sample screen shots.